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Ear Wipes for Dogs

Ear Wipes for Dogs


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Clean your dog's ears the easy way with these Ears Wipes for Dogs. These all-natural ear wipes gently but effectively cleanse the ear, removing dirt and residue that can lead to itchiness, odour and ear infections.  Ear infections are deeply unpleasant for your dog but easy to prevent by keeping their ears clean - this is especially important with flop-eared dogs.

These dog ear wipes have an all-natural formula with colloidal silver to fight bacteria and witch hazel to cleanse and soothe the ear.  They cool and calm the skin, relieving itchy ears and leaving them fresh, clean and comfortable.

Soothes itchy ears
Helps prevent ear infections
Removes residue and odour
All natural formula
Free from chemicals and pharmaceuticals

(Contains 50 ear wipes)