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Fur Breeze Dog Grooming Spray-Rosemary /Pepmint

Fur Breeze Dog Grooming Spray-Rosemary /Pepmint


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Freshen up your furry friend with Fur Breeze Rosemary and Peppermint Spray.  This grooming spray has a heavenly scent with aromatic rosemary and sparkling peppermint.  It refreshes the coat and banishes lingering odours for good.

This dog grooming spray contains Ordenone, a natural ingredient that neutralises odours and eliminates 'wet dog' smell.  It leaves the coat feeling and smelling fresh, leaving only its huggable rosemary and sparkling peppermint fragrance.

Wonderful aroma
Neutralises odours
Refreshes dog's coat in between baths
All natural formula
Free from chemicals and pharmaceuticals

(Size 266ml)

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