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Eco-Friendly Food Scoops

Eco-Friendly Food Scoops


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The Eco Friendly Beco Dog Food Scoop means that even your dog feeding routine can be environmentally friendly!

This dog food scoop is made from rice husks and bamboo, materials that would be otherwise thrown away.  These materials are used to make a hard and durable but completely biodegradable plastic.  Beco Eco Friendly Dog Food Scoops are ergonomically designed and dishwasher safe.

Once you are finished with your Beco Dog Food Scoop it can be buried or composted.  The specially formulated plant-plastic biodegrades fully in 2 to 3 years, so there is no waste or damage to the environment.

Dog food scoop capacity: 2 cups/0.5 litres.

Dog food scoop colours:- natural, blue, brown, green and pink.


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